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13 Apr

RFA Project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity

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RFA Planning Consultant is pleased to have completed a project working with Habitat for Humanity’s Kingston Limestone Region chapter. The Good Shepherd Legacy Project, located at 46 Cowdy Street, will provide two working, low income families with affordable homes. RFA Planning Consultant is proud to have donated our time to offer our expertise to this project.


09 Sep

Trees are part of the City infrastructure that need maintenance and investment

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Urban forests in Greater Toronto area increasingly stressed, new report says


Development, climate change, invasive pests, violent storms are wreaking havoc on trees in region


Muriel Draaisma · CBC News - June 2, 2016

Janet McKay, chair of Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition, says urban forests in the Greater Toronto Area are facing "increased stresses" and she is calling on governments to spend on trees in the same way that they spend on roads and bridges. Trees are a vital, green resource that provide urban dwellers with many benefits, she said. (CBC)



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