Cedar Shore Estates Subdivision

Location: Town of Cobourg
Client: EIE Corporation
Date: 2014-2015

  • Planner for 15-lot waterfront residential development on Lake Ontario in the Town of Cobourg. Original property featured a designated Regency style heritage home and coach house which were successfully incorporated into the development plan. The plan includes a waterfront park and trail and low-impact drainage systems.
  • Nine (9) concept plans with different road patterns and densities were prepared by RFA and evaluated by the consultant team and Town staff. A design workshop was held with interested stakeholders to refine the concepts and select the preferred design option.
  • All supporting studies were finalized or in draft form prior to completing the subdivision design process, and a neighbourhood information meeting took place prior to submission of Draft Plan of Subdivision and Rezoning applications. The Draft Plan of Subdivision was formulated following extensive pre-consultation with municipal staff and other agencies and ultimately endorsed and approved by all parties.

Cedar Shore Estates Site Plan Nov 5 15
1 395 Planning Report (November, 2015)