Potters West Condominiums

Location: City of Belleville
Client: Reid’s Heritage Properties
Date: 2016

  • Planner for 102-unit mid-rise residential condominium development in the City of Belleville. The subject property included zoning for a mid-rise residential development however the current development proposal increased the density to what was previously approved.
  • Co-ordinated the work of the consultant team through the planning approvals process – the project required Rezoning and Site Plan approvals. RFA conducted a planning analysis of the Site Plan prepared by the project architect and provided advice on conformity of the Belleville Zoning By-law which was incorporated into the Plan.
  • Site grading issues proved challenging; RFA assisted in the successful resolution with Belleville planning staff and area residents through conducting a neighbourhood information meeting and advising on the final proposed site grading and landscaping.

15 138(01) SP 01 (Site Plan) SPA sub 01
L1 Landscape plan 2016 06 15
15 138 Belleville Elevation Colour (Option 05)