River Park Subdivision

Location: 645 John Counter Blvd., Kingston
Client: Stirling Bridge Ltd.
Date: 2006-2010

  • Principal Planner for 144 townhouse unit subdivision and condominium in Kingston on the Cataraqui River
  • Coordinated all aspects of design and layout; prepared applications for draft plan of subdivision; plan of condominium; rezoning; holding provision removal; pre-servicing agreement and part lot control exemption to the municipality
  • Managed work of the consultant team through the City's planning approval process and responded to agency comments on a wide variety of complex technical issues including the third bridge crossing, parkland dedication, site remediation and record of site condition, noise impact, environmental protection and archaeological resources
  • Prepared formal presentations at public meetings of City Council and Planning Committee
  • Resolved and documented completion of the conditions of draft plan approval and assisted with the final registration of the plans